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Overcome broken eating patterns and restore your relationship with food.

I help women living with metabolic dysfunction, unexplained weight gain, diabetes and/or disordered eating uncover the root cause of symptoms, mend their relationship with food and provide compassion-focused care so they can experience (and maintain!) abundant health.
I can help you, too.


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Discover Your Options & Start Working Through A Personalized Health Program Today 


Setup your account profile and provide health information.


Book your free consultation time through the online portal system.


Receive email confirmation and details prior to your appointment.

In-Network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and All Subsidiaries. 94% of our patients pay zero out of pocket costs for visits.


Offering Metabolic Restoration, Behavior Change Therapy and Health Management Services for Women in Austin, Texas.

Bariatric Surgery | Diabetes | Disordered Eating Care & Support

Wellness Clinic for Women in Austin, TX

About Us 

True U Wellness Clinic is not just another healthcare clinic. I am  passionate about helping women who have undergone bariatric surgery or chronically struggling to control hunger, how to heal themselves and achieve long-term success.

I do this by using a multidisciplinary approach blending the powers of nutrition, medicine, and integrative principles to

achieve wellbeing.


My areas of specialty are in bariatrics, weight loss, diabetes, hormone & thyroid management, PCOS, gut health, disordered eating, and disease prevention. I want women to understand all aspects of their health and be able to apply it in a simple and easy to follow way! 


Patients love working with me because of the years of commitment and education, counseling, clinical experience and teaching strategies I use to help women just like you feel happy and proud about how they care for themselves. 

Diet and Eating Guide
Health and wellness app
Telehealth Weight Loss Treatment on Smartphone

Amazing care, at your fingertips.

Our state-of-the-art portal allows clients to feel completely connected with mobile access to their care plan and education documents to keep them engaged between visits.

Our trained practitioner loves meeting with clients virtually using our HIPAA-compliant Telehealth platform.

In fact, the convenience of our Teleheath service offers in-office quality of care but in the comfort of your own home.

Healing is possible.

​As a women-led organization, I've created a space to treat weight loss after bariatric surgery, disease prevention, and chronic symptom management for women in the Austin and Texas area! Healing symptoms requires a careful and considered treatment plan. Our functional and holistic medicine approach based out of Austin, TX is administered by an experienced professional and able to serve a number of clients in the state of Texas either in-person or via HIPAA-compliant telehealth visits.


We combine nutrition education, lifestyle modification, as well as optional leading edge metabolic testing to help you get lasting results. We are the only women-centered nutrition practice in Austin using an integrative approach between conventional and functional medicine

​Our mission is to provide Austin with a wellness clinic that offers exceptional nutrition and lifestyle care using comprehensive and effective methods.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, balance your hormones, wanting to heal your relationship with food, or you are simply trying to get to the root cause of your low energy, we ensure that you will never have more opportunity to achieve your health goals than while working with us!

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