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Our Intensive Food Freedom Program Will Provide Solutions to Your Most Complicated Patterns. 

It is all too common that our clients come to us with the complaint that all their blood work has come back "normal", yet they still struggle with weight gain, fatigue, insomnia and more. We believe life shouldn't be ruled by fatigue! At True U Wellness Clinic in Austin, our amazing functional medicine specialist performs comprehensive testing on a whole new level exploring the reasons impacting these imbalances such as gut inflammation, food sensitivities, and more. By using these results, we can build your diet, lifestyle and long-term recommendations that are always 100% personalized to you.

Linzi Cruz True U Founder

This Program Is for You If You:

Are looking to heal your mindset and stop letting food run your life
Are looking for nutritional testing to help understand deficiencies and how to correct them
Want to determine which foods impact inflammation, mood and sleep
Want to understand what your body needs or doesn't need in regards to food
Are unable to lose weight or feel better despite being a chronic "dieter"
Are done counting macronutrients or calories in aim to feel healthy
Have struggled to stay motivated to make lasting changes to your health
Want professional accountability for resolving disordered eating behavior
Want to adopt behaviors that produce sustainable change in your life
Need guidance on ending the vicious binge-restrict cycle
Are ready to love yourself again

Imagine How It Would Feel to Regain Control, Love Yourself and Food Again, the Healthy Way

That's What Our Signature Program Can Do!

1  x 90 Minute Extensive Visit with Registered Dietitian

1 x Medical Evaluation with the Nurse Practitioner up to 3 Months

50+ Health & Healing Guidelines and Resources to Stay Engaged

Specialty Medication Prescription Adjustments As Medically Necessary

1 x Full Comprehensive Metabolic Panel 

1 x Stool Sample Test for Gastrointestinal Health

1 x Extensive Micronutrient Testing Panel

Referral for Ancillary Care & Support To Like Minded Providers in Austin As Needed

Multiple Symptom Survey Reviews & Metric Analysis Throughout Program

Nutrition Workbook to Supplement Healing Your Relationship with Food

Why choose a functional medicine approach for my wellness care?

Health (or the journey itself) should not rule our lives. Often times individuals may commit to a strict plan, only to wander back to more familiar habits within a few months. That's because the level of "upkeep" some diets need can be exhausting to maintain. At True U, we believe in offering functional medicine for our clients that emphasizes personalized advice while preserving normal lifestyle habits as best as possible. Our functional medicine experts in Austin help clients understand their underlying biochemistry, tailor a plan that fits their current metabolism and offer unique ways for blending new habits into everyday life in significant detail to achieve shocking results. 

Can I use FSA, HSA or Insurance?

We do not accept insurance for the food freedom program. While we are medical providers, our current healthcare system works primarily off a fee for service model. While this can be helpful for some types of care, education and comprehensive approach requires many facets such as community cooking, messaging the provider, and extensive visit time all of which do not have supporting codes to bill for insurance. Health Spending Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts may be used to cover the full or partial payment of the program. In joining True U, your case will be meticulously assessed and cared for. This level of care is functional not convention and does not accept insurance. For those interested in using their insurance for monthly visits with a dietitian we recommend consider working with our Nutrition department

Take health into your own hands.
Speak with our expert team today.

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