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*life tip ahead*

I am packing and cleaning for FNCE, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics ‘Nutrition Olympics' that happens once a year. Literally tens of thousands of dietitians, functional doctors, private practice owners and of course the vendors come together for the largest health and nutrition showdown in the world. 

It is just plain fun!!! 

But there’s also tons of work to be done with evaluating new products on the market, hours of lectures in latest research, spearheading movements and of course the networking. I think I love it almost more than Christmas. 

So I have ALL these pencil skirts and cute outfits I couldn’t wear because of weight gain and I set a goal to be in the 160ies by the time the event came. I am sooooo super happy that just a few days ahead of schedule, I did it, and not ONLY did I do it but I was insanely happy, unrestricted and mindful every step of the way!!

I just wanted to share with you my little insight that hopefully can resonate with something you can feel inspired by in your life:

Drum roll please:

The moment you say I’m going on a ‘diet’ you just surrendered your power to restricting FOOD choices so the CHAOS in your life doesn’t have to change.

Wow!! Think about this statement?

We give our power away sooo many times! 

And the hard part is, we like giving our power to others, that in itself can be empowering!! 

how many times do we:

  • Do it for our kids?

  • Do it for our family?

  • Do it for respect?

  • Do it for a promotion?

I get it because I ADORE taking care of my patients!! In fact it’s one of my favorite things to do, yet it was killing me because I didn’t have the disciple to set boundaries. Yes in fact it was easier to say, ‘yes add them to my schedule’ or ‘yes I’ll call them after work’ than it was to say ‘absolutely not’.

Sounds familiar right? It’s easier to do everything for our kids, family, job than it is to say ‘absolutely not’.

Especially if you’re a caregiver I know just thinking about it may stir up a little attachment anxiety. 

But way more importantly before you should be focusing on improving their happiness, we should be focused on ours. In fact, no matter how much you give, you don’t have the power to impact someones happiness or outcome. Not even your kids, family or close friends. Only they can do that.  As a result of trying to impact this, we restrict and restrict and instead of looking the cluttered disorganized boundaries, we blame.... FOOD.... we blame our genetics, we blame our circumstances. I know it's a hard pill to swallow, but it's the dag on truth and once you accept it (like I did!) you will expand into the version of yourself you are designed to be (and probably impact MORE people than you were before).

food is not the enemy!Hello, I’m a dietitian, I’m not making this stuff up! FOOD is nourishing, delicious, and a wonderful part of life. It's the chaos that we should focus on organizing, taking off our plate, and approaching choices mindfully with careful consideration of worldly consequences.

Ok back to the weight change photo:

The picture on the LEFT:  me giving my power to... trying my best to just graze on ‘only healthy foods’ because I had no time for the gym. I didn’t have time for the gym because I was too busy seeing clients on their time, answering phone calls at 10:00PM, making handouts for people for FREE, taking care of the home, helping EVERYONE ELSE without ever stopping to think about it. 

The picture on the RIGHT: shifted from counseling one-on-one to robust client packages that compensate me, having set times for family and friends (not spur of the moment get-togethers), don’t answer work calls after 7:00PM (even when the question is super important! This was hard but I’m used to it now and it turns out fine!), workout every morning with plenty of time afterwards to make breakfast and balance my life. On top of changing my lifestyle habits, I also received eye-opening results from my micronutrient test that helped identify nutritional and hormonal deficiencies that I was able to adjust from a personalized meal plan and supplement routine!

The right is also me packing for the Nutrition Olympics tomorrow #FNCE2019 and I am stoked!!! 

Do not give your power away to ‘dieting’, set yourself up for success by slowly knocking things out of your life that are restricting you (hint, it’s not the food!). It takes time, thought and definitely discipline, but your future you will be so happy you did it!!! I know mine is! 

linzi cruz,

rd, ldn, clt, 200-ryt

is a registered dietitian and the Wellness Director for Whole Cruzine, a private practice focused on functional nutrition based out of Austin, TX with 100% remote services. Visit www.wholecruzine.com to learn more or follow her story on Instagram @Whole_Cruzine

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