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How to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle Changes

A healthier lifestyle improves the quality of life and is the key to long-term health. It is more than just exercise and proper nutrition.

Maintaining a lifestyle change by switching out old habits for healthier ones can be challenging and downright difficult at times. This, however, is not impossible.

Implementing these steps can help you better maintain healthier lifestyle changes.


#1. Seek Accountability

Having a select group of family or friends who know about your plans can help keep you on track.

Follow-up sessions also serve as Professional accountability from therapists, nutritionists, or personal trainers; this will help you track and adjust your goals, access any barriers that might hinder your progress, and revise or change your strategies as necessary.


#2. Involve a Friend

You will be even more accountable and motivated if you have someone on the same health journey as you. They can be your spouse, family member or even a coworker with the same interest in living a healthier lifestyle.

Maintaining your new lifestyle change is easier and less intimidating when you have someone with whom you can share successes and struggles.


#3: Make Changes One at a Time

Unhealthy behaviors are not made overnight. Therefore, replacing every unhealthy behavior with healthy ones will take some time.

Once you’ve mastered and made a habit of one healthy lifestyle change, you can add another goal. This gradual process is easier to maintain in the long run.


#4: Plan Ahead

Setbacks are commonplace and can happen at any time to anyone.

Making alternative plans ahead will help you maintain your lifestyle changes when setbacks arise. For example, packing healthier snacks when traveling or finding healthier restaurant options when dining out with family and friends.


#5. Take Advantage of Technology

There are several health-savvy apps and gadgets you can use to track your heart rate, steps or sleep patterns and habits, and more.

These gadgets help maintain a healthier lifestyle as they make checking and tracking your goals as easy as checking your emails or sending a text.

Several apps and websites remind you to drink more water, give you workout ideas, map out hiking or running trails.


#6. Forgive Mistakes

Maintaining a healthier lifestyle is a long-term goal, and there are bound to be slip-ups.

When they happen, you needn't discourage yourself. Don't assume the worst. Instead, forgive the mistake and get back on track.

It is important to understand that one or two days doesn’t compromise all the work you’ve put in, and a minor slip-up doesn’t derail all your progress.


Maintaining a healthier lifestyle takes commitment and time. No one is perfect, and lapses may occur. But you can do it; don’t give up. The team True U Wellness Clinic offers a progressive approach with nutritional plans and guidelines to maintaining optimal wellness. Book a consultation today!

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