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Food Freedom Program
MWL Booking
Nutrition Booking


Ideal for women seeking education and support to start and maintain healthy way of eating 

Optimal for connecting with a provider support that deeply understands the contemporary care for individuals living with obesity, fatigue and/or disorder eating behaviors

2 FREE Skill Building Guidebooks to Stay Engaged Between Visits (Included!)

Step-by-Step Method to Detach From Harmful Dieting Behaviors

Access to Interactive Healthcare Portal 

50+ Highly Supportive Nutrition and

Resources Handouts

1 Hour 1:1 Visit to Assess Goals and Progress Each Month with the Registered Dietitian

Evaluation for Specialized Blood Work Panels

Ideal for uncovering the root cause gut imbalance and food sensitivities, binge related biochemistry to improve immune function, energy levels and quality of life

Optimal for women looking to solve complicated food addiction problems from a holistic, evidence-based perspective

Extensive Specialized Lab Work Including Stool Sample, Micronutrient Testing, Metabolic Labs, Hormone, Thyroid & More 

8 x Support Visits with the Specialist

4 x Treatment Visits with the Nurse Practitioner

12 Continuous Weeks of 1:1 and Module Based Support to Ensure Long-Term Success Based on Lab Results

Personalized Sample Menu Based on Lab Results 

Referral for Ancillary Care & Support To Like Minded Providers in Austin As Needed

Multiple Symptom Survey Reviews & Metric Analysis Throughout Program

How Our Integrative Plan 
Can Help You

  • Discover Meal Planning with a Busy Lifestyle

  • Understand the Science Around Cravings, Hormones and Food/Nutrition

  • Make Healthy Food Selections When Eating Out

  • Build Disease Prevention Strategies Using Food and Lifestyle Changes

  • Empower a Healthier Mindset Around Eating

  • Feel Confident About Your Diet Preferences

  • Navigate Emotional Eating Rooted from Stress 

  • Eliminate Guilty Feelings Around Certain Food Groups

  • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle After Major Health Change (such as a recent surgery or diagnosis)

  • Identify Specialty Diets and Meals Based on Your Cultural and Spiritual Preferences 

Why choose True U for my health & wellness care?

Health (or the journey itself) should not rule our lives. Often times women may commit to a strict plan, only to wander back to more familiar habits within a few months. That's because the level of "upkeep" some diets need can be exhausting to maintain. At True U, our philosophy around nutrition is centered in offering a holistic approach to our clients that emphasizes personalized advice while preserving normal lifestyle habits as best as possible. Our nutrition team in Austin helps clients understand their underlying biochemistry, tailors a plan that fits their current metabolism and offers unique ways for blending new habits into everyday life.

Can I use FSA, HSA or Insurance?

Our registered dietitian Linzi is in network with Blue Cross, for Telehealth nutrition visits which you can book here. Our in-network plan generally covers nutrition visits at 100%. Health Spending Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts may be used to cover any applicable co-payments and/or deductible requirements if indicated by your insurance provider when visiting with her. 


We Love How Good Food Makes Us Feel and We Want to Show You Too! 

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