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True U is a Women's Wellness & Weight Loss Clinic in Austin, TX led by award-winning dietitian, Linzi Cruz.   

We help women in Austin reach their health goals for weight loss, disease prevention, disordered eating, food or substance addiction recovery and more using the most comprehensive treatment therapies available. 


Weight Loss Or Wellness


Nutrition based bloodwork, microbiome and hormone review can uncover patterns that conventional medicine practitioner missed.

Research shows working with a registered dietitian decreased chance of diabetes in those with existing pre-diabetes by 68%.

Hormone management using natural and pharmacological treatment methods can improve healthy aging and increase energy.

Obesity is a chronic disease that needs a tailored approach and long-term management. Our weight loss specialist in Austin can help.

Disorded eating patterns and extreme diets can lead to nutrient deficiencies. Work with our registered dietitian in Austin to tailor a healing strategies for you.

On average, clients who work with our clinic experience an 85% improvement in their symptom survey after completing our program.



If you: are a chronic dieter, feel severe guilt after consuming certain foods, eat even when you're not hungry, live with anxiousness/depression or have ever felt dissatisfied with your body, you may be experiencing an eating disorder. There are nearly 28.8 million men & women in the U.S. who experience and live with disordered eating patterns. Emotionally, these maladapted thought patterns around food can feel debilitating to over-come. Clinically, eating disorders dramatically impact metabolism, gastrointestinal function, hormone balance, inflammation and weight.

Due to the destructive and advanced nature of these conditions it's imperative to work with providers who understand how to implement various treatment strategies with respect and care. At True U Wellness Clinic we believe every client's healing journey is unique. We combine a functional medicine approach with traditional behavior change strategies to take a deeper look at the root causes of these disordered patterns using tools like food sensitivity testing, stool samples and metabolic testing. We use these tools to repair the gut health axis and resolve decades worth of chronic malnutrition while the behavior changing strategies help to apply the results in a holistic non-restrictive way. Of course, in any personalized approach, it is vital to make the experience 100% unique to the individual. That's exactly what our intensive food freedom program does!


This life changing program includes a specifically designed treatment plan to achieve results. Not only does this plan include all of the lab work necessary to understand any chemical imbalances driving your symptoms but it also offers continuous support from our medical team throughout your time working with us!


At True U Wellness Clinic in Austin we offer a comprehensive medical weight loss program exclusively deisgned for women! Our clinic makes having expert quality weight loss service attainable for your specific needs. Medical Weight loss is different than various other types of weight loss because it includes higher standards of clinical evaluation, prioritzes medications to support success and includes nutrition education with purpose to help you understand weight stalling is not a "behavior flaw" but rather an actual disease driven by hormonal, metabolic and genetic conditions. 


Your program generally lasts between 4-6 months with various visits with the dietitian to assess and monitor progress. If you want to prevent disease or manage an existing condition with better weight management, come work with our medical expert who truly understands, validates and supports your specific needs and you will leave feeling empowered/confident in managing your weight for a lifetime! 


In a ground breaking study done by the National Institute of Health, men and women living with pre-diabetes working with a registred dietitian reduced their chance of developing diabetes by 58%, versus conventional medicine such as metformin. This remarkable study was one of the first ones to capture the true power of disease prevention with expert led food and nutrition education.


If you are seeking to prevent disease or manage an existing condition with better nutrition and would like to work with an expert who truly understands, validates and supports your specific needs, our practice is right for you! Our unique plans provide ongoing monthly support for you to truly feel in control of your health and eating routine. Our platform allows you to capture live food photos of your meals in various setting to review in a safe and non-judgmental way to develop fun strategies for increasing nutrition at every plate. Visits take place once per month and the majority of clients experience tremendous success with after just 3 to 6 months. More than that, you can expect to leave feeling empowered and confident in a healthier way of eating in any scenario - that's what health is all about! 

Additional Diagnostic & Prescription Benefits

  • ​Medication Recommendations to Support Weight Loss, Hormone,Thyroid Function & More

  • Compounded Prescriptions by Request

  • Insurance-Based Nutrition Counseling

  • Medical Grade Supplement Recommendations

  • Advanced Metabolic Testing and Lab Interpretation

  • Stool Sampling and Food Sensitivity Testing with Interpretation

  • And More...

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