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Obesity is a disease, not a behavior flaw.


We help women medically manage conditions of overweight and obesity using the most comprehensive treatment therapies available

Struggling to Lose Weight or Maintain Weight Loss?

Are you experiencing weight stalling? 

Are you facing weight regain after stopping a recent diet? 

Have you even considered bariatric surgery but unsure if you want to take major invasive steps to achieve results? 

Want to lose weight but not sure where the right place is for you to start? 


Here's the reality: Another failed diet. Eating keto perfectly didn't help this time. It's becoming more difficult to keep the weight off. 

This isn't what you imagined your efforts towards living healthy would be like. 

With all the energy you put into trying different diets and your great desire for feeling better, it would make sense that you'd be achieving success at this point, not feeling further from it.

No one can deny the effort you're putting in, but right now it seems like it's all work with no results.  

The good news is that many of our clients actually start with the exact same struggles, and in the end are so relieved to have found us!

We have helped hundreds of clients with the same symptoms and we can help you too.


At True U Wellness Clinic we offer comprehensive medical weight loss support for Austin and surrounding areas. Our clinic makes having expert quality weight loss service attainable for your specific needs. Your program generally lasts between 3-6 months with various visits with the nurse practitioner to assess and monitor progress. You may also benefit from working with our registered dietitian to support better nutrition habits or build a specific diet if seeking to follow cultural food preferences such as vegan or paleo. 

If you want to prevent disease or manage an existing condition with better weight management working with an expert who truly understands, validates and supports your specific needs schedule your first visit today, you will leave feeling empowered and confident in managing your weight for a lifetime! 

Lindsey Dieguez True U Wellness Clinic

How Our Medical Weight Loss Clinic Empowers Your Health Journey

  • Treats Obesity as a Disease

  • Listens Unconditionally and Validates Your Experiences  

  • Prevents Long-Term Complications of Existing Disease

  • Potential to Reverse Chronic Conditions

  • Jump Starts Weight Loss After Recent Regain

  • Assessed by Our Team of Obesity Medicine Specialists

  • Medication Prescriptions to Support Weight Loss as Needed

  • Evaluation for Comprehensive Metabolic Testing

  • 6-Month Suggested Engagement with Our Team for Life-changing Results

  • Option for Nutrition Education with Our Registered Dietitian

  • Suggested Diet Recommendations 

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Work With US

Work with the #1 Medical Weight Loss Clinic for Women in Austin, TX with a Team That Understands Obesity Medicine. 

Heal, Love Your Body and Feel Your Best!


Why choose True U for medical weight loss?

Obesity is well recognized as a disease under many insurance providers and many clinics. However, the speciality of treating it is not always in the scope of practice with regular primary care clinics, gyms or nutrition studios. Those with experience working in bariatrics and medical weight loss centers are the leaders in helping clients achieve long-term weight management and prevent disease using a number of combined therapies including both lifestyle change, medication and diagnostic tools. 

Can I use FSA, HSA or Insurance?

We do not accept insurance for your visits with the nurse practitioner. Generally, HSA and FSA may be used for program fees. We will also provide you a superbill or visit receipt that you can use to bill to your insurance company on your behalf. Health Spending Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts may also be used to cover the payment for any blood work needed for your metabolic testing.

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Speak with our expert team today.

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