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About Functional Medicine & Weight Loss

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Work with the #1 Medical Weight Loss Clinic for Women in Austin, TX with a Team That Understands Obesity Medicine. 

Heal, Love Your Body and Feel Your Best!


Why choose True U for medical weight loss?

Obesity is well recognized as a disease under many insurance providers and many clinics. However, the speciality of treating it is not always in the scope of practice with regular primary care clinics, gyms or nutrition studios. Those with experience working in bariatrics and medical weight loss centers are the leaders in helping clients achieve long-term weight management and prevent disease using a number of combined therapies including both lifestyle change, medication and diagnostic tools. 

Can I use FSA, HSA or Insurance?

We do not accept insurance for your visits with the nurse practitioner. Generally, HSA and FSA may be used for program fees. We will also provide you a superbill or visit receipt that you can use to bill to your insurance company on your behalf. Health Spending Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts may also be used to cover the payment for any blood work needed for your metabolic testing.

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